Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency with IoT Solutions for Your Hotel or Restaurant

Hospitality - Goldie Group - hospitality-business-man-on-phoneWhat if you could reduce overhead, while also improving the guest experience? At Goldie Group, we implement IoT automated solutions in a Hotel or Restaurant offering both cost-saving optimization improvements building-wide, such as temperature monitoring to remain HACCP complaint, water leak detection to prevent disaster, redundancy LTE solutions to maintain business continuity and mobile Point of Sale solution to increase sales.

Smart Maintenance

Using machine-to-machine communication technology, we can improve predictive measures to streamline maintenance and keep your building’s systems in peak condition. Implementing intelligent sensors can detect water or gas leaks and prevent wasting utilities, and alert maintenance crews the moment a faulty system is failing.

Operational Efficiency

The logistics of maintaining compliance can be cumbersome and costly. Employees should be focused on revenue generating tasks, not daily monitoring. With IoT solutions implemented, a wide range of facility management tasks can be automated to improve accuracy and efficiency. Temperature monitoring can now run in the background, providing alerts outside of acceptable zones while preventing inventory loss. Reports are generated for inspection creating the most efficient method of compliance. Many other tasks can be automated, reducing your overall costs and increasing your overall productivity.

Customer Satisfaction

IoT can provide real-time data and feedback to prevent customer dissatisfaction and improve customer experience. We carry a full line of data and IoT solutions that prevent issues from arising to customer awareness. You know and can address long before your customer ever senses an issue. In-room smoking detection is one example. With over 50+ sensors, we can develop a specific solution to meet your expanding need.

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